Benagil, Portugal

We arrived around sunset and we managed to park the car in the middle of the caravans that usually fill this area. Here, we could see a few French people sitting on their beach chairs in the parking lot as if there was not a beach 50 meters away.

The beaches in the Benagil area are not the most visited in Algarve, but due to their small size they always seem full of people, colors and movement. You can see groups of kids with the courage to jump into the naturally green waters, as well as the hustle and bustle of boats that come and go with tourists who want to visit the natural caves of this part of the Algarve coast.

Beautiful cliff in Algarve at sunset.
Aerial view of a group of boats near the cliff.
Aerial view of a party boat.
Lonely boat near a cliff in the water.
Boys on the top of a cliff trying to jump.
Beach full of people in the sahdow of the cliff.
Aerial view of cliff beach with a lot of people and summer umbrelas.